Metal Stud & Plasterboard Partitions / Dry lining

Metal Stud & Plasterboard Partitions / Dry lining. Used to achieve required levels of sound reduction/absorption, fire resistance, impact resistance moisture resistance and stability as required in all normal types of buildings. It is extremely versatile cost-effective and suitable for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational buildings as well as residential developments. Dry-lining allows you to create a smooth wall effect even in commercial environments with a void for cables and pipe-work.
Built from an internal metal stud and track framework and faced on either side with one or more layers of plasterboard, fireline board, laminate boards or other specialised boards as needed.
The finish of the partition can either have a paneled effect with decorative aluminum cover strips or a flat wall appearance where the panel joints are taped, filled and then decorated with either paint or vinyl wall coverings